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New Art: Jed Clampett Made Of Toby Keith Lyrics

This one's pretty wild and several years in the making. It's not like I spent several years actually working on it, it's just made of a bunch of leftovers and things I didn't really care for that I slowly layered between resin until it started to make sense to me. The eponymous element is the big Jed Clampett portrait I drew using Toby Keith's shitty lyrics. Deeeeep. I topped it off with this cool quilt pattern called "Drunkard's Path" that I made using a hand-cut stencil and a light coat of spray paint which gives an etched glass effect to the resin. This is the first time I've overlaid multiple quilt patterns in one piece, something that only a transparent medium like resin would allow. It's an interesting thing to do because you start to notice the way all these patterns harmonize with each other and hopefully that comes across in the finished product. Here's a few detailed images that better show the depth of the layers.


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