I’m Coleman Larkin.

Artwise, I’m a mixed-media collage guy. My work tends to incorporate historical and contemporary Kentucky imagery, usually from my home in the Appalachian Mountains. I use found objects, visual and linguistic references to local pop culture, and motifs that range from the traditional to the stereotypical. I encase it all in layers of clear epoxy resin, a medium which lends a literal and figurative depth to the work by encouraging typically isolated ideas to be considered simultaneously. That, to me, creates a more complete representation of this weird, contradictory region.


My career as a writer runs the gamut from award-winning journalism to lowbrow sensationalism. It’s all fine by me. I’m not the type that gets off on the act of writing itself or stages Instagram vignettes of my leather-bound journal in the shadow of a chai. Damn that. I made myself a writer so I’d have an excuse to get behind closed doors and in deep with champions and villains, bypass smalltalk, and ask the odd questions that expose the odd truth. Other than having fun, that’s the only thing I’m after.     

All in all, I’m a pretty virtuous man. Just one of discredited tastes.