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Art & Copy. That’s what I boil down to. 


As a mixed media collagist, my current work is what you might call otherworldly. It’s about making the subconscious conscious. That’s not very specific, and it probably applies to a lot of creative pursuits, but I don’t know what else to say about it other than I feel compelled to make it by some sort of omnipresent energy that uses me the more I use it. So I use it. 


My career as a writer runs the gamut from award-winning journalism to lowbrow sensationalism. Also kind of broad. Also fine by me. You can’t make any money doing it so you might as well do what you want.


Plus I’m a copywriter/strategist at Cornett—an advertising agency in Lexington, Kentucky—which is where I live.


One time I made a little burrito restaurant for squirrels. Another time I made tie-dyed t-shirts with KFC gravy. And before all that I preserved the shit of a Kentucky Derby-winning horse in mason jars


It’s cool to do stuff like that. I think it gives you powers.

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