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Derby Turds Update

Earlier this month, I partnered with Kentucky for Kentucky to bring the world "Derby Turds", 100% real manure from 1997 Kentucky Derby winner Silver Charm preserved for eternity in pint-sized mason jars. It was the first in a line of weird epoxy resin encapsulations that I'm calling Dixieland Preserves. And. It. Killed.

"Derby Turds" took the internet by storm. Aided by the copy I wrote for blog and social posts, press releases, media correspondence and packaging, they earned a Superbowl-sized amount of media attention for next to nothing and drove a ton of new traffic to Kentucky for Kentucky's site and my own. I got to be on a bunch of weird TV and radio shows. It was even a clue on NPR's "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" Pretty wild.

Here's just a few of the spots "Derby Turds" plopped...

The New York Post

Southern Living

The New York Times

USA Today

AP News

Mental Floss

Atlas Obscura

Yahoo News

Barstool Sports

Bleacher Report




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